Renters Insurance

It's Your Stuff, So Protect It!

If You Rent, Check Out Renters Insurance

Provide protection for your items with renters insurance from Mitchell-Joseph Insurance. At least once during a lifetime, you are bound to rent a home or an apartment. Paying rent instead of a mortgage, however, does not make your personal possessions any less valuable. Mitchell-Joseph Insurance Agency understands that many renters overlook or underestimate their insurance needs. Even the smallest apartment can easily contain thousands of dollars worth of belongings.

Remember, your landlord is not responsible for your "stuff," even if the house burns down. For approximately $175 to $300 a year (varies by geographic location), you can often get up to $20,000 worth of contents coverage, as well as personal liability to protect you from the ever-increasing specter of lawsuit. These days, the liability portion of this policy is just as important as the contents coverage.

A renters policy, like a homeowners policy, allows you to add the coverage you need for your jewelry, fine art, computers, photography equipment, or anything else inside of your home. Additionally, you will receive discounts on your auto insurance if you place your renters insurance policy with the same insurance company.

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